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Zoom Stereo Microscope LB-60ZSM
Zoom Stereo Microscope LB-60ZSM

Zoom stereo microscope LB-60ZSM is a dissecting microscope featuring a low magnification range. This bench-top unit on a post stand provides very clear upright, un-reversed 3-D image throughout the zoom range. Coarse focus knob with tension adjustment to move the objective lenses. Magnification range and working distance can be expanded using optional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives. LED light providing uniform illumination with long life span of 60,000 hours.

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Optional Accessories
Viewing head Trinocular
Zoom ratio 8.3 : 1
Eyepiece (Extra wide field eyepiece ) WF10X/ Φ23 mm
Inclination 30°
Inter-pupillary distance 55 mm ⁓ 75 mm
Zoom objective 0.6X ⁓ 5X
Working distance 115 mm
Focusing range 105 mm
Glass insert plate diameter 100 mm
White and black round plate diameter 100 mm
Incident illumination 100 V ⁓ 240 V
Transmitted illumination 100 V ⁓ 240 V
Video attachment 0.55X C-mount
Dimensions 370 × 310 × 520 mm
Weight 8 kgs
  1. Large viewing field and High zoom range
  1. Sharp high contrast image and also flat image at large depth field
  1. Ergonomic design increases productivity
  1. Incident, transmitted LED Illumination ( examine transparent sample )

Accessory No Accessory Accessory Specification
60ZSMA1 Eyepiece Wide field eyepiece 15X/ Φ16 mm
60ZSMA2 Eyepiece WF20X/ Φ12 mm
60ZSMA3 Eyepiece WF30X/ Φ9 mm
60ZSMA4 Objective Auxiliary objective 0.5X, WD : 220 mm
60ZSMA5 Objective Auxiliary objective 0.7X, WD : 125 mm
60ZSMA6 Objective Auxiliary objective 2X, WD : 45 mm
60ZSMA7 Video adapter 1X C-mount

Used in academic, medical and industrial field. Used for Circuit board repair and inspection, SMT work, electronics electronic inspection, coin collecting, gemstone setting, engraving, repair and inspection of small parts.

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