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Vortexer LB-11VM
Vortexer LB-11VM

Vortexer LB-11VM is a benchtop unit that provides a rapid mixing action, creating a vortex for maximum mixing efficiency. The mixing of the content is carried out by inserting the test tubes and centrifugal tubes for ease of operation. It consists of a speed controlling knob for adjusting the operational speed of mixing.

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Rotating speed Start ~ 2,800 rpm
Mixing Method Circular Shaking (Vortexing)
Shaking Orbit 4.5 mm
Loading Capacity (1 tube) 50 mL
Motor Input / Output Power 1.2 W / 0.8 W
Dimensions 110 × 126 × 80 mm
Net weight 1.2 kgs
Gross weight 1.4 kgs
  1. Maximum diameter of the mixing tube is up to 30 mm
  1. Adjustable speed as per different experimental requirements
  1. Plastic made outer shell and touch concave for resistance from chemical attack or corrosion and abrasion
  1. Space economic compact design

Used for cell culture, blood vials, microbiological, chemical, pathological experiments in laboratories, research institutes, hospital, pathological labs, etc.

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