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Ion Chromatography LB-11ICG
Ion Chromatography LB-11ICG

Ion Chromatography unit is a chromatography system used for high precision cation and anion analysis. It is incorporated with PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) flow path system, ensuring chemical resistant at high temperature. Features pentode or bipolar circuit conductivity for identification and measurement of analytes. Built in single channel and double channel detection mode for efficient separation.

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Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
Ion Chromatography Pump
Conductivity Detector
Analysis Ability
Dimensions (L x W x H) 350 x 470 x 510 mm
Weight 26 kgs
Whole plastic pipeline Made of PEEK material
Six way valve Rheodyne electromagnetic six-way valve, compression resistance of 7000 psi, collect signals automatically.
  1. Pentode or bipolar circuit conductivity for analytes detection
  1. Single or double channel detection mode
  1. Chemical resistant PEEK flow path system
  1. High precision cation and anion analysis
  1. Digital temperature controlled detection system
  1. Overpressure and leak protection alarm

Sr NoAccessory nameQuantity
1Ion chromatograph host1
2High pressure double plunger advection pump1
3Conductivity detector1
4Auto Valve unit1
5Anion column1
6Anion Guard column1
7Suppressors (Cation)1
8Chromatography workstation1
9Column thermostat system1
10Spare parts kit1
11Vacuum degassing pump1
12Sand core filtration device1
13Pretreatment column20
140.22 µm syringe filter200

Sr NoAccessory nameQuantity
1Cation column1
2Cation guard column1
3Suppressors (Cation)1
4External Eluent Generator (Cation)1
5External Eluent Generator (Anion)1
7Low pressure degasser1
8Amperometric detector1
9Autosampler (SHA-1,20 positions)1
10Autosampler (SHA-12,54 positions)1
11Autosampler (SHA-15,108 positions)1

Used in chemistry, clinical laboratory and research center, food industry, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, metallurgy, healthcare for high capacity cation and anion analysis.

Pressure range0 MPa ~ 42 MPa
Flow range0.001 mL/min ~ 9.999 mL/min
Pressure display accuracy≤ 0.1 MPa
Flow accuracyRSD < 0.1 %
Over pressure and leak protectionIt will give an alarm and stop working in these situation

TypeFive polar ring passively and 316 stainless steel conductance detector
Detection modeDouble conductivity detection
Cell volume≤ 0.8 µL
Resolution≤ 0.0020 nS/cm
Measure range0 μS/cm ~ 100000 μS/cm
Output Voltage-5000 mV ~ 5000 mV
Baseline noise≤ 0.1 % FS
Baseline drift≤ 0.3 % FS
Conductance cell temperature5 ℃ ~ 60 ℃(to regulate)
Constant temperature± 0.01 ℃

Anion analysispH 0 ~ 14, compatible organic solvent, etc. can be analyzed at the same time with one injection.
Cation analysislycine, Choline chloride can be separated and analyzed
Linear range≥ 103
Qualitative repeatability≤ 0.5 % (Cl-, Na+ )
Quantitative repeatability≤ 1.0 % (Cl-, Na-)
Minimum detectable concentrationCl- ≤ 0.0005 µg/ml, BrO3- ≤ 0.001 µg/ml,Li+ ≤ 0.001 µg/ml

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