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Flame Spectrophotometer LB-16FSP
Flame Spectrophotometer LB-16FSP

Flame Spectrophotometer LB-16FSP is an analytical unit with simultaneous detection of two elements. The automatic flame ignition and flameout protection employs accurate accessibility. It is equipped with a flame protection cover for safety of the operator.

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Elements detected K and Na
Range 0 ppm ~ 100 ppm
Reproducibility ≤ 1 %
Method detection limit 0.01 ppm
Linearity 0.02
Sample uptake 0 mL/min ~ 50 mL/min
Response time < 10 sec
Drift ≤ 2 %
Dimensions 520 × 350 × 480 mm
Weight 12 kgs
  1. Large LCD screen for visual monitoring of groups of data
  1. Adjustable measuring range
  1. Automatic sampling with accuracy and ease of operation
  1. Numeric operational keys
  1. Advanced water-proof performance avoids gas regressing injuries
  1. Automatic data saving function

Used in the fields agriculture, chemistry, pharmacology, pathology, biology, forensics, etc. for analysis of particular elements in the material.

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